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10th June 2014

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But why is the pig being washed in a toilet?

it seems to be a groomer’s sink, actually, a longer sink for the purpose of bathing small animals.

In other news I want to be a chill as that puppy getting his belly soaped.

Coincidentally I saw this while in the bath.
But also. Oh my gosh, the leeeetle piggy and the chill weasel :)

This post is the most adorablest.

Those are some happy critters! My favorite is a tie between the grinning doge with the duckies and the chill, chill bathing bunny.

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9th June 2014

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Detroit, Michigan: Women and supporters march against “men’s rights” conference at the Doubletree Hotel, June 7, 2014.

"Hotel refused 3,000 petitions with our demand until after a long standoff, with protesters refusing cops’ orders to leave."

Photos and report by Kris Hamel

Good show!

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9th June 2014

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So for those of my followers who don’t know I have my own men’s accessory line call Bebow Fashions. We specialize in custom made bowties that are fitting for the big guy. They come in extended neck sizes and even the bows are bigger to be more fit the bigger frame. With thousands of colors and patterns they are the perfect Father’s Day gift. Check out my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/BebowFashions.

http://bigguyflyy.tumblr.com for big guy fashion!

Fun and nuanced set of bow ties, small business. Signal boost.

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9th June 2014

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Fucking fuck. God dammit.

This is just sick !!!

WOW that is some fucking BULLSHIT right fucking there.

What the FUCK? I mean… ugh. Okay, this sort of “deterent” has been around in one form or another for ages, usually with marginally less ‘fuck the poors’ vibes all over it, but still. But the bit where you pay to use a park bench is freaking me the fuck out on behalf of humanity.

Where is this? Like, are they spike shots from a specific city?

They appear to be in London. But of course, why not make one of the least affordable cities in the world even less accessible to the poors? The UK can add the unhoused to their list of hated enemies, along with teenagers and refugees (not to mention the crossover among those three groups).

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8th June 2014


Aww, man, there was a live streaming of Tom Hiddleston in <i>Coriolanus</i> and I missed it?

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8th June 2014

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What rational survey respondent wouldn&#8217;t check &#8220;purchased a zebra?&#8221;

What rational survey respondent wouldn’t check “purchased a zebra?”

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7th June 2014

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So number one, Reading Rainbow was not cancelled because it was not effective. Reading Rainbow was the most used television resource in our nation’s classroom. In 2009, it was [cancelled] due to No Child Left Behind. That government policy made a choice between teaching the rudiments of reading and fostering a love of reading. So the idea that I am trying to somehow revive a failed endeavor is bullshit. That’s right. I said it. Bullshit.

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7th June 2014

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Brett Amory - More from the series Waiting

These photos are giving me chills. To me, they’re like post-apocalyptic Edward Hopper scenes.

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7th June 2014

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Reblog if you tell yourself a “bedtime story” at night to help yourself get to sleep


It can be anything…a fanfic, a headcanon, a personal fantasy, an original story, smut, whatever. Just reblog if you think up some kind of fiction to yourself to help you fall asleep.

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5th June 2014

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stabilized star trek shot
I don’t know who’s making me laugh harder, twirling flywalker Uhura or lay-me-down-easy Kirk. 
Such acting, many choreography.


stabilized star trek shot

I don’t know who’s making me laugh harder, twirling flywalker Uhura or lay-me-down-easy Kirk.

Such acting, many choreography.

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